2020 End of Year Construction Update

1:25PM December 29, 2020

ElbertonNET has been working in the month of December to complete two new zones for service.  The first located in the northern part of the county is the zone for Coldwater-Peachtree-Press Mann Roads.  That node was activated in late September, but work continued to build it out.  The zone was completed just before Christmas, and about two dozen new customers have joined ElbertonNET.

The second zone just completed on December 29 was the Ruckersville-Harpers Ferry Rd. area.  That node was activated last week, and new customers will be installed before the New Year’s holiday.  We welcome everyone joining us from the Ruckersville area.

Those in Southeast Elbert County may have noticed white bucket trucks working along the Calhoun Falls Highway or Bobby Brown State Park Road.  Those crews are working to bring the main line trunk fiber optic cable all the way from the end of the project near Bobby Brown Park back to Elbert Street on the Four Lane.  Work on this main line will be completed soon.  Therefore, the zone located on Lower Bobby Brown State Park Road—Key Club—Fish and Game Club will be ready for service very soon.  This could happen by the first part of February, weather permitting.

After this zone for Lower Bobby Brown and The Clubs is complete, we will be ready to move to the next zone for service.  As of today, no other zone has reached its construction goal to 100%.  The Ricetown-Cooter Creek area is close and only needs five more subscribers.  But other zones are getting close too.

Remember only PAID pre-registrations count toward the construction goal.  We have enough persons who have registered on our website for the Bakers Ferry Road zone and the Ricetwon zone to reach their construction goals 100%, but not everyone paid the $100 pre-registration fee.  If you are one of those persons and are now ready to complete your pre-registration, please do so as soon as possible so your neighborhood can get connected early.

Give us a call at 706-213-FAST (that’s 706-213-3278) if you have any questions about completing your pre-registration.

We look forward to serving you in 2021, and Happy New Year from all of us at ElbertonNET!

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