What's New?

2022 Phase 2 Expansion has been approved!

12:26PM April 27, 2022

ElbertonNET will construct fiber-to-the-home service to 5 additional neighborhoods in Elbert County starting in 2022 and continuing into 2023. 

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2022 Phase 1 Expansion has begun

12:18PM April 27, 2022

This week ElbertonNET began construction of Phase 1 of the 2022 Expansion Project.  

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2022 Expansion Project Approved for Elbert County

7:41PM December 07, 2021

ElbertonNET is expanding in 2022 to serve about 750 more homes.

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Register your address for possible 2022 Expansion Plans

2:21PM September 14, 2021

ElbertonNET is planning to expand again into unserved Elbert County.  Register your address today.

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Final update on the Southeast Elbert construction project

9:14AM August 19, 2021

Today we begin the activation of the final two zones in the Southeast Elbert expansion project.

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Construction Update - July 2021

12:44PM July 06, 2021

Four zones are ON and serving customers.  Four more to go!

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Construction Update - June 2021

12:04PM July 04, 2021

Bakers Ferry--Wahatchee Creek Zone to be connected by the end of June.

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Construction Update - May 2021

11:30AM May 04, 2021

Eastern Calhoun Falls Highway--Dixon-McCall--Welcome Church zone to get connected.

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Construction Update - April 2021

12:16PM April 04, 2021

The second neighborhood in Southeast Elbert will be activated on Tuesday, April 6.

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Construction Update - March 2021

10:26AM March 13, 2021

New customer installations to begin March 15 for the Southeast Elbert fiber-to-the-home project.

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Ricetown, lower Lincolnton Hwy., Hester Rd., and the Cooter Creek area will get connected!

7:25PM February 23, 2021

A second neighborhood in the Southeastern Elbert project has reached its goal.

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Construction Update - January 2021

12:39PM January 30, 2021

Over 19 miles of fiber optic cable has been completed from Elberton to the southern end of Bobby Brown State Park Road.

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2020 End of Year Construction Update

1:25PM December 29, 2020

ElbertonNET has been working in the month of December to complete two new zones for service.  

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Construction Update - December 2020

10:32AM December 04, 2020

Coldwater & Peachtree Roads completed.  Ruckersville-Harpers Ferry is being activated.  Southeast Elbert is underway!

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Construction Update - September 2020

9:17AM September 26, 2020

Construction has begun in Ruckersville.  Part of Press Mann and Peachtree Roads are now ready for service!

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Lower Bobby Brown State Park Road, Key Club, and Fish & Game Club will get connected!

10:11AM June 26, 2020

First neighborhood in the Southeastern Elbert project has reached its goal.

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ElbertonNET is expanding to the Coldwater-Peachtree-Press Mann neighborhood!

12:32PM May 13, 2020

This neighborhood zone has reached its pre-registration goal, and construction will be starting soon.

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Southeast Elbert Project moving forward

8:21PM May 04, 2020

Mayor Larry L. Guest announces the City Council has approved $1 million for construction.

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Coldwater Rd., Press Mann Rd., Peachtree Rd. being studied for service.

8:59AM April 17, 2020

ElbertonNET is surveying this area to gauge interest.

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Work has begun on River Road-Chastain Road.

8:52AM April 17, 2020

We are looking forward to serving you later this spring!

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Southeast Elbert Project

8:14AM March 05, 2020

ElbertonNET is now studying the feasibility of doing a major expansion to our network.

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Ruckersville-Harpers Ferry Road

1:28PM March 04, 2020

Looking for service on Ruckersville Circle or Harpers Ferry Road?

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River Road-Chastain Road extension to begin soon!

1:23PM March 04, 2020

ElbertonNET will be constructing a plant expansion on the southern side of the Fortsonia community.  

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Craft Road is ready!

1:19PM March 04, 2020

ElbertonNET has recently completed a network extension on Craft Road in the Montevideo community.

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