Ruckersville-Harpers Ferry Road

1:28PM March 04, 2020

ElbertonNET is planning for a new fiber-to-the-home network expansion in the Ruckersville area.  This would include about 48 homes and businesses in the community.  We need 15 customers to subscribe for service before we can begin the construction.  Now is the time!  We have 11 subscribers so far, and need at least 4 more to begin work.  Give us a call today at 706-213-3278 (that's 706-213-FAST), and let us know you would like to subscribe for the Ruckersville-Harpers Ferry build.  

We require a $100 installation fee upfront plus a $150 deposit toward your monthly services.  So that's $250 total to support the build.  Once your services are installed, you will receive $150 back toward your monthly plan.

If the project does not move forward due to lack of demand, we will refund everyone's $250 deposit.

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