Construction Update - March 2021

10:26AM March 13, 2021

As you know ElbertonNET started a large construction project last year to bring broadband connectivity to the Southeastern part of Elbert County.  Mayor Larry L. Guest of Elberton announced on May 4, 2020 that the Elberton City Council had approved a $1.25 million construction project for this purpose.  Design of the network and material acquisition began immediately, and physical construction started in October, 2020.  The project was divided into eights zones of service, or neighborhoods, which would be constructed and activated for service depending on the number of pre-registrations in each zone.

We are pleased to announce that the first zone, Lower Bobby Brown State Park Road—Key Club—Fish & Game Club, has been activated and is ready to install new customers.  We conducted a 4 week testing period during the last half of February and first half of March.  That configuration and testing period is complete, and we will begin contacting pre-registered and pre-paid customers on Monday, March 15 to schedule installation appointments.  There are approximately 40 persons to be contacted that are in this zone and have already pre-registered and pre-paid.  They will be connected first starting March 15 and continuing over the next few weeks as customers are able to select a convenient appointment time.

The second zone for service, the Ricetown—Hester Road—Cooter Creek neighborhood, will be activated soon.  We anticipate this zone to be ready for customer installations by April 5.  Please understand that these dates are flexible and may change, but this is a reasonable estimate as of today.  There are approximately 42 persons to be contacted in this zone who are pre-registered and pre-paid, and they can reasonably expect to get service by the end of April.

The other six zones will be connected this year, but the order has yet to be determined based on pre-registrations.  If you began the pre-registration process but did not pre-pay the $100 construction fee, please consider doing so now.  There are two neighborhoods nearing their construction goals, the Bakers Ferry—Wahatchee Creek zone and the East Calhoun Falls Hwy.—Dixon-McCall—Welcome Church zone.  Either could potentially be the third zone connected in late April or early May.  Give us a call at 706-213-FAST (that’s 213-3278) if you want to complete your pre-registration by paying the construction fee so that you count toward the goal.  Check under “Service Areas” at the top of our website, connect.elberton.net, to see the status of your neighborhood’s goal.

We have over 200 pre-paid and pre-registered subscribers for this new construction area, with 80 more showing interest and receiving this email but who have not yet completed pre-registration.  This is an overwhelming positive response to ElbertonNET expanding into this section of Elbert County, and we look forward to serving you soon and for many years to come!

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