Construction Update - January 2021

12:39PM January 30, 2021

During the month of January, ElbertonNET has been working to install and activate the main backbone fiber optic cable all the way from Elbert Street in Elberton to the end of the project at the lower end of Bobby Brown State Park Road.  We are happy to report that the 19 miles of backbone fiber was completed last week.

Now in the month of February we will begin to activate the first fiber-to-the-home network interface “node” as part of this project.  In total there are 8 nodes to be built and activated in the Southeast part of Elbert County.  These network interface nodes correspond to the zones for service that you can check out on our website, connect.elberton.net, under “Service Areas” at the top of the page.

The first node to be activated in February will be the Lower Bobby Brown State Park Road--Key Club--Fish and Game Club zone.  The plan is for this network interface node to be active by the middle of February, with new customers being installed in this zone by the end of February.  This is new technology and a period of performance testing will be involved, so this schedule could change.  But we look forward to serving you soon!

Customer service representatives with ElbertonNET will contact those subscribers who have pre-registered on our website, connect.elberton.net, and have paid their $100 construction fee.  When we contact you, we will schedule two installation appointments.  The first appointment will be for us to build a fiber optic cable from the main line at the road directly to your home.  Our cables follow the existing power lines, and that is the route that we will take to your home.  You will not need to be at home for this first appointment as all work will be done outside.  The second appointment will be for installation inside your home, and you will choose where you want your services installed in your home.  We believe we will be scheduling the first appointments for the connection outside your home by the week February 15.  This will be for the customers in the Lower Bobby Brown State Park Road—Key Club—Fish and Game Club zone only.

We have yet to determine which zone will be connected second because no other zone has reached it’s construction goal 100%.  Most likely it will be the zone for Ricetown—Cooter Creek—Hester Road because they are at 89%.  But it could be East Calhoun Falls Hwy—Dixon-McCall—Welcome Church Rds. or Bakers Ferry—Wahatchee Creek Rds. zones.  They are close at 78%.  Remember, only those who have paid the $100 construction fee count toward the goal.

This large construction project will continue throughout 2021, and we look forward to serving you soon.  Check our progress on our website, connect.elberton.net.

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