Final update on the Southeast Elbert construction project

9:14AM August 19, 2021

Today ElbertonNET is starting the final activation of the last two zones in our Southeast Elbert fiber-to-the-home expansion project that will bring great high speed Internet to those without connectivity in these two neighborhoods.  This project was initiated in May, 2020, and physical construction began in October, 2020.  We planned for eight zones of service, and six have been completed and activated.  We have over 200 new customers in this part of the county so far, and these residents will be able to get service soon.  After final construction along the roadways, we will activate the new segment of the network for a period of configuration and testing which usually lasts only a few days.  After that, we will be ready to install new customers.

We anticipate that we will begin scheduling installation appointments for the final two zones in mid-September.  Today we have 48 pre-paid and pre-registered subscribers in these two final zones, and that number of installation appointments will take at least a month to complete.  If you started your pre-registration but did not complete it by paying the $100 connection fee, please consider doing so now.  We will only contact and schedule those who are pre-registered for installation appointments.  Give us a call at 706-213-3278 if you are ready to complete your pre-registration.

We know this has been a very long process for those of you who have been waiting patiently to get broadband Internet access in Elbert County.  But that day is almost here.  The first customers were turned on and installed in March, 2021, so it has taken about six months to get to everyone in the eight construction zones.  But we're getting close and look forward to serving you soon with great high speed Internet. 

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