2022 Phase 1 Expansion has begun

12:18PM April 27, 2022

This week ElbertonNET began construction of Phase 1 of the 2022 Expansion Project.  This project will construct fiber-to-the-home service to 9 zones in rural Elbert County.  These neighborhoods include:  Middleton Shores, Heardmont-Pearl Mill, Thirteen Forks-Calhoun Dr, Dempsey Brown Rd-Pulliam Mill Rd, Hwy 172-Winns Mill Rd, Fork Creek-Christian Rd-Bowman Hwy, Rehoboth Rd Ext-Stanley Maxwell-Browns Bridge Rd, Seymour Rd-Dunn Rd, and Deep Creek-Lloyd Rousey-Hughes Rd.  These zones are numbered 14 through 22 on our Service Areas map.

If you are interested in service, NOW IS THE TIME to be sure that you have paid your $100 pre-registration fee.  It will take several months to construct this expansion, and generally the neighborhoods are located in three parts of Elbert County.  We will activate and complete the zones first who have the highest percentage of PAID pre-registrations.  It is very important to get your neighborhood to the front of the line, and you can see your zone's progress on our Services Areas page.

If you have not paid your pre-registration fee of $100, call customer service today at 706-213-FAST.  That's 706-213-3278.  Over 95% of the material needed for this project has arrived in Elberton, and during the month of May full physical construction will begin in one of these zones.

We look forward to providing great high speed Internet access to you soon!

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