Construction Update - June 2021

12:04PM July 04, 2021

We are pleased to report that 3 of the 8 zones in the new Southeast Elbert expansion area of ElbertonNET have been activated since mid-March.  We have over 130 new customers active on the new network.  Due to the tremendous positive response, we were backed up on installation appointments in mid- and late-May, and this prevented us from activating a fourth zone in May as originally planned.

During the first week of June we will begin work to complete the construction and activation of the Bakers Ferry-Wahatchee Creek zone.  This is a large zone and will take until the end of June to complete the construction and testing.  But very soon at the end of June or the first of July we will begin contacting paid pre-registered customers to schedule installation appointments.  An email will go out to these pre-paid residents just prior to our being ready to schedule installation.

After this fourth zone, we will work this summer to activate the other 4 zones in the construction project.  You can click on Service Areas in th menu at the top of this page for the progress of pre-registrations.  The other 4 zones range between 64% and 70% on the number of customers needed, so any of these 4 could be next to be activated in July.  Work will continue throughout the summer and into the early fall to complete the entire project.  If you began your registration on our website but did not complete it by paying the $100 construction fee, please consider doing so now.  Only paid pre-registrations count toward the construction goal and moves your node closer to being the next in line for activation.

Give us a call at 706-213-FAST (that 213-3278) if you started your pre-registration but need to complete it by paying the $100 fee.  We look forward to being in your neighborhood soon!

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