2022 Expansion Project Approved for Elbert County

7:41PM December 07, 2021

Mayor Larry L. Guest announced today that the Elberton City Council has approved moving forward with a major expansion of ElbertonNET into several areas of Elbert County.  The project, at an estimated cost of $1.4 million, will pass about 750 service locations.  Work is planned to begin by the end of the first quarter of 2022 depending on material availability.  Construction of the entire area will take about one year.

Pre-registrations on this site are very important for this project.  There are nine service zones that will be constructed.  The zones with the most paid pre-registrations will be constructed FIRST.  So there's no time to delay.  Enter your address and get connected now.  View all the planned expansion zones under consideration by choosing Service Areas at the top of this page.

A construction fee of $100 will be collected from every new customer to assist in the cost of bringing the new fiber-to-the-home network to unserved areas of Elbert County.  Only PAID pre-registrations will count toward the construction goal.  Getting your zone across the goal will get your zone constructed sooner.  So talk to your neighbors and make sure everyone knows to pre-register if they are wanting ultra-high-speed Internet on your road.

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