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We're bringing High-Speed Internet into the unserved areas of Elbert County.  If your address is in our existing service area, you can sign up for services right here by entering your address above.  We'll give you a call to schedule your installation appointment.

If your address is in an area that we plan to build in the future, then you can PRE-REGISTER now.  We will construct areas with the highest number of pre-registrations FIRST.  So by letting us know you will subscribe to service, you can help get your neighborhood to the front of the line.  We will collect a $100 pre-registration payment, and this fee will use to connect your home to the network when service begins in your neighborhood.  Let's get started!

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Launched in 2001 by the City of Elberton, ElbertonNET serves over 4,200 homes and residences in all parts of Elbert County.  Over time our network has grown from the city limits of Elberton to include communities from Montevideo to Fortsonia, from Lake Russell to the Broad River, and many locations in between.  Our goal?  To provide access to the best broadband Internet service around, even to those in the most remote areas of the county.

It takes time to build a blazing fast fiber network, and we want you to be informed every step of the way, from preregistration to live service in your home.  To help us determine our construction plan, we’re asking people like you to preregister here.  Simply put, we’re building our fiber optic network first in the areas that show the most interest.

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